Voice AI Pricing REST API & WEB UI

How much does text to speech cost?
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Cost of Voice AI

All new accounts are offered a small amount of voice compute that can be used to generate speech using the text to speech web interface or for testing the implementation using REST API.

Voice AI pricing is based upon the number of spoken words provided as text to be spoken.

Voice compute can be added at any time using the account page which also displays the current balance for each compute.

asticaVoice v1.0_full is capable of facilitating real-time integrations involving speech generation and allows you to select from over 40 voices of different nationality, gender, and age.

Generate Speech
Synthesize speech for audio playback based on a provided text input.
$0.00008 /per word
  1. Specific vocabulary which contain a large number of characters will be measured as two words.
  2. Regular punctuation use such is not measured. (I.e. comma or a sentence period)
  3. All compute usage and costs of use will be calculated and displayed online. View Usage.
  4. Text to Speech is only available using javascript SDK. REST API available by request.
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