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Cost of Vision AI

All accounts are provided with a small amount of vision compute to perform basic experimentation online or perform API testing. To continue using Vision AI, more compute will be needed. This can be managed from within the dashboard or account page.

Vision AI pricing behaves differently than other more easily measured forms of artificial intelligence. This is because there are a large number of different solutions that can be achieved with computer vision.

To provide a simplified integration, astica offers a single API endpoint that enables access to several vision AI models within a single API call. The cost of using vision AI will depend on the parameters used within your API call.

  1. asticaVision 2.1 allows you to access v1.0_full capabilities in a single API call. v1.0 pricing applies, however v2.0 functionality is prioritized.
  2. GPT-S based functionality require data points of other parameters within the same API call. Increase accuracy and output quality of GPT by including all relevant parameters.
  3. All compute usage and costs of use will be calculated and displayed online. View Usage.
  4. Base64 Input Ingress Cost: The API now supports base64 image inputs, allowing inference on local image files. If you choose to use this method, an additional ingress/egress charge (1mb min/request) will automatically be added to the API call ($0.0005/mb) While it can impact Vision AI output, resizing large images is often recommended.

    Using https url image inputs will avoid this cost, and also offer a faster response time.

asticaVision v1.0_full offers a variety of computer vision solutions at a low and uniform cost.

Image Description
Generate an accurate caption of the image. Approximately 1 sentence or less.
$0.00115 /per Image
GPT-S Description
Extended, detailed image description up to 300 words.
Automatic Image Tags
Generates a list of tags for the provided image.
$0.00115 /per Image
Image Moderation
Determines whether an image contains adult material or mature subject matter.
$0.00115 /per Image
Object Detection Pricing
Detects all known objects in an image, providing bounding box and label output.
$0.00115 /per Image
Face Detection Pricing
Generate a caption of the image. Approximately 1 sentence or less.
$0.00115 /per Image
Image Categorization
Provides a list of categories to which the image is a best fit.
$0.00115 /per Image
Celebrity Recogntion
Provides a list of celebrities found within an image.
$0.00115 /per Image
Brand Detection
Produces a list of brands that have been identified in an image.
$0.00115 /per Image
Landmark Detection
Produces a list of landmarks found within an image.
$0.00115 /per Image

asticaVision v2.0_full enables access to more powerful computer vision capabilities at a slightly increased cost.

OCR - Detect and Read Text
Use computer vision to read the words within an image and convert them into text.
$0.00195 /per Image
Image Description
Provides an accurate caption of the image. Approximately 1 sentence or less.
$0.00195 /per Image
Alternative Captions
Provides a list of alternative captions. Each caption approximately 1 sentence or less.
$0.00165 /per Image
GPT-S Description
Extended, detailed image description up to 300 words.
Image Tagging
Generate a list of tags for an image. Longer and more accurate than v1.0
$0.00115 /per Image
Object Detection
Offers improved object labeling and bounding box accurate for objects detected within an image.
$0.00115 /per Image

asticaVision includes a simplified manner of using GPT-S to describe an image. This provides a detailed description of an image consisting of multiple sentences, forming a coherent paragraph(s) that describes the image contents.

GPT-S description can be generated with both asticaVision 1.0_full and 2.0_full.

The GPT-S capability is defined by the number of other parameters used. The GPT-S description is unlikely to comment on facial features unless the face detection parameter has been used. Providing all parameters for any GPT-S requests will offer the highest quality output possible.

GPT-S Standard
Generates a detailed image description up to 300 words.
$0.018 /per Image
GPT-S Detailed
Improves the accuracy and automatic prioritization of the detailed description. The GPT-S description is longer, and more accurate than GPT-S standard, though it is significantly slower.
$0.025 /per Image
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