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Train Custom Vision Models with asticaVision
Custom Vision Models ‐ Training and Inference

Create and run high performance vision models for private use. Train a custom model in minutes using the web interface or programmatically with the REST API.

Train custom models for domain specific tasks and function unique to an industry or field.

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astica offers a complete pipeline for creating and running custom models at scale.

  1. Create and manage datasets containing various labeled classes.
  2. Upload samples for each class in different formats such as images, videos, or text.
  3. Train and run the model using REST API to generate output.
  4. Available using online model training or developer API

Scenario of Use

General purpose vision models can be powerful for broad use, but lack any domain specific capacity necessary for them to be readily applied to different industries. Using astica custom model training, an industry specific model can be trained online within minutes. The following use cases are applicable to the initially available model type for training: Detection

Agriculture & Horticulture
Use custom models to quickly identify the start of disease or an infestation of pests and to monitor conditions within large areas of farmland at a granular level.
Use a custom model to detect manufacturing defects or to guide automated assembly lines and ensure quality control without requiring manual inspection.
Security and Surveillance
Train a model to detect and classify highly specific events, objects, or movements within live or recorded footage at inference speeds of up to 144Hz.
Medication Identification
Custom models can be used for classifying pills based on color, shape, and imprint to help prevent medication errors and ensure patient safety.
Retinal to MRI & X-rays
Custom model training is used to detect diseases by recognizing patterns within medical images and scans, such as those of breast, lung, and skin cancer
Surgical Navigation
Train a model capable of guiding surgeons with real-time imaging to help them avoid healthy tissue, and to focus on the diseased area.
Vehicle Inspection
Automated visual assistance of routine vehicle inspection; dents and cleanliness. i.e. rental vehicles.
Driver Co-pilot & Monitor
Use a custom model to monitor road hazards, or to detect custom driver behaviors such as using a cell phone while they are driving.

What is Custom Vision Model Training?

astica custom model training was designed to minimize engineering time and compute cost associated with the research and experimentation of different dataset and model types.

Training a custom model using the online interface can be achieved within just a few minutes of your dataset being assembled. Your dataset consists of training data that you would like to train the model on.

Preparing Your Dataset

To train a model that detects whether an animal is a cat or a dog, the dataset would consist of three different directories or sets of images. One for cat, one for dog, and one for other ‐ which will contain images that are neither cat or dog.

Getting Started

During researcher preview access, vision training will be available for free with limited capacity. You can begin creating a model immediately after creating a free account.

For an explaination and walkthrough on training a custom vision model there are prepared reading materials which include recommendations on optimizing your model.

Vision Model Training 101

Custom Model Training API

The custom model training API offers a simple method for training custom artificial intelligence models including vision AI and natural language.

The API offers developers with a convenient and effective way to create, manage, and retrieve datasets required for the training process and to then the train model and begin running inference.

The custom model training API offers various endpoints and tools to manage independent model datasets, such as creating and viewing datasets, adding labeled classes, and uploading sample data.

View API Documentation

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