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About asticaNLP: GPT-S
Features and Capabilities
What is asticaNLP GPT-S?

The developer API provides access to astica GPT-S, a powerful natural language processing engine that can generate text in a human-like manner, respond to questions, and even create stories based on a given prompt or scenario.

The training methods used for this model enable the creation of unique and engaging content on a wide variety of topics, and is done any content filtering or moderation. GPT-S also offers a low priority API, allowing users to save on usage costs by sending a request and receiving the output when it becomes available at a later time.

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Reseachers can explore the various features of astica GPT-S and discover how it can enhance industries and applications with intelligent, natural language understanding.

Key Features of astica GPT-S:

1. Superior Long-form Content Generation:
GPT-S takes content generation to new heights with its exceptional ability to create high-quality, unique, and well-structured content. Surpassing the capabilities of Davinci-003, GPT-S excels in producing engaging and highly relevant material tailored for various industries and niches.

With its expertise in long-form content generation, GPT-S ensures comprehensive and coherent content that caters to readers' needs and preferences. This specialization makes GPT-S an ideal solution for developing blog posts, articles, reports, and other long-form content that offers value to users.

2. Uncensored and Unrestricted Creativity:
GPT-S is developed without a restrictive content filter, enabling its creative abilities to generate diverse content covering various categories and topics. This permits users to access the engine's complete potential without intended bias or censoring of output. Remember, it is crucial to maintain a balance between unrestricted creativity and responsible use of GPT-S and other AI technology.

3. Cost-effective API Access:
The low priority API available for GPT-S enables users to reduce usage costs while still enjoying the benefits of exceptional content generation. By sending a request and retrieving the output when it is ready at a later time, users can effectively manage their budget without sacrificing content quality.

GPT-S is a powerful and versatile natural language processing engine that redefines content generation with its superb quality, long-form specialization, and unfettered creativity. With features such as cost-effective API access and scalability, GPT-S is a valuable asset for businesses and developers looking to create impactful content that captivates and engages audiences.

Currently the model is intended to be used research purposes only.

GPT Code Samples
GPT-S - Curl Command
Using GPT with CURL
Send a GPT Prompt with Curl

You can use CURL to send a prompt to astica GPT-S.

CURL Sample

The following CURL command can be pasted into a terminal to generate a response from the API. The result will contain the predicted text for your provided prompt.

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--insecure \
--data '{
    "tkn": "YOUR API KEY", 
    "modelVersion": "GPT-S2", 
    "instruction": "", 
    "input": "Write a sentence describing the iPhone 12:",
    "think_pass": 1,
    "temperature": 0.7,
    "top_p": 0.35,
    "token_limit": 55,
    "stop_sequence": "",
    "stream_output": 0,
    "low_priority": 0

Note that you need to replace "YOUR API KEY" with your actual API key.

GPT-S - Javascript SDK
Using GPT with Javascript
Using GPT in the Browser

astica provides a simple javascript SDK for accessing AI within the web browser..

astica Javascript SDK - GPT Samples

The following javascript samples demonstrate how to implement the SDK into your website or web app. The SDK provides additional benefit of streamed responses which enable increased interactivity.

<script src=""></script>
  asticaAPI_start('API KEY HERE'); //only needs to be called once.        
  //Simple Vision:      
  asticaVision('Image URL or Base64'); //simple computer vision  
  asticaVision('Image URL or Base64', 'Description,Faces,Objects'); //with options:
  //Simple Listen:      
  //Simple Voice:      
  asticaVoice('Hi! How are you doing today?');

  //Simple GPT-S:      
  asticaGPT('What color is an apple?');

astica Javascript SDK - Advanced GPT Samples

The javascript SDK can be used to access the GPT-S parameters available within the REST API. These samples demonstrate how to implement GPT-S using javascript, and how to adjust parameters including max token length.

   asticaAPI_start('API KEY HERE'); //only needs to be called once.  

     //Simple Usage:
     asticaGPT_generate("Write a sentence about apples:")

     //Simple Usage with Token Limit:
     asticaGPT_generate("Write a sentence about apples:", 10)

     //With Token Limit:
     asticaGPT_generate("Write a sentence about apples:", 10)

      var asticaGPT_params = {
         stream_output: document.getElementById("astica_ML_stream_output").value


     //default asticaGPT callbacks
     function asticaGPT_generateComplete(data){
         if(typeof data.error != 'undefined') { alert(data.error); }     
     function asticaGPT_generatePreview(data){   
         if(typeof data.error != 'undefined') { alert(data.error); return; }     

     //Plug and play example:

     function asticaGPT_example(string, tokens) {
        asticaGPT_generate(string, tokens) 
     setTimeout(function() { 
         asticaAPI_start('API KEY HERE'); //only needs to be called once.   
         asticaGPT_example('Write a sentence about apples:', 55); //max 55 tokens
     }, 1000);  

Note that you need to replace "YOUR API KEY" with your actual API key.

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