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astica API Troubleshooting

If you encounter an issue while integrating the API, please consider sending a message. You may also consider checking the following common issues listed below.

REST API Troubleshooting

1. API Throttle:
Sending too many requests will lead to a cool down. Further requests will not be answered. If you require an increased limit, please send a message and describe your use case.

  • Each API is limited to 45 requests per minute allowing a total of 90 requests per minute when using both Vision and Voice.
  • Model Training and Custom Model API both have an increased default limit of 90 requests per minute.

2. Incorrect File Input:
A failed request can occur when sending an unsupported file type to the API.

  • Vision AI supports png and jpg file types.
  • Hearing AI supports .wav and .mp3 file types.
  • 3. Inaccessible File URL:
    Your image or audio file will need to be accessible to astica servers when sending a URL to the API. The URL should be accessible in your web browser. Alternatively if using a whitelist:

  • Send a message for information and list of ip addresses used by Vision AI.
  • asticaListen Hearing API will access files from using ip address

  • Javascript SDK Troubleshooting

    1. Incorrect API Credentials:
    One of the most common issues that developers may face is incorrect API credentials. Make sure that you have entered the correct access token and key when using the API. You can obtain these credentials from the asticaVoice API Console.

    2. Audio Output Not Playing:
    If you are not able to hear any audio output, the issue may be with the audio settings on your device. Make sure that your device's speakers or headphones are properly connected and that the volume level is appropriately set.

    3. Slow Speech Generation:
    Slow speech generation can be caused by poor network connectivity or latency. If you are experiencing slow speech generation, check your network connection and ensure that your device is connected to a stable and reliable network.

    4. No Audio Output on Mobile Devices:
    Some mobile devices may require additional permissions to play audio. Check your device's settings and ensure that the necessary permissions have been granted to the application that is using the asticaVoice API.

    Something missing? You are welcomed to send a message.

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