How much does GPT natural language AI cost?
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Cost of Using Natural Language

All new accounts are offered a small amount of voice compute that can be used to generate speech using the text to speech web interface or for testing the implementation using REST API.

GPT Natural Language pricing is calculated by using the length of the input prompt used, and generated output. 750 words will be calculated as approximately 1,000 tokens.

GPT compute can be added at any time using the account page which also displays the current balance for each compute within the account.

GPT-S (S2) is a natural language model trained for both long-form content and engaging interactions with human users. It is a natural language solution which is unfiltered or moderated. Please use responsibly.

GPT-S Real-time
Receive an output from GPT-S within moments. Offers the standard experience for interacting with chatbots and other forms of real-time engagement.
$0.02 /per 1,000 tokens
GPT-S Low Priority
Lower cost solution intended for a large volumes of NLP tasks, or non-time sensitive tasks like writing blog posts. Receive a URL to query and access the output when it is prepared.
$0.015 /per 1,000 tokens
  1. GPT-S is available for research purposes. Get in touch for production use.
  2. 1,000 tokens is approximately 750 words.
  3. Token usage is calculated based on the length of both input prompt and GPT-S output.
  4. All GPT-S usage and costs of use will be calculated and displayed online. View Usage.
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