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This online demonstration provides an interface used to create high definition photos using AI. Generated photos are produced in 1024x1024 high resolution are easily downloaded after creation.


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Using asticaDesign to Generate Images
Generate Images Online

AI Image Generator

The online image generator powered by asticaDesign provides a number of creative outputs. Supporting everything from eye-catching blog graphics, captivating book covers, distinctive logos, to personalized visuals for academic and corporate presentations. The versatility of this tool lies in its ability to adapt - any theme or topic you might be interested in can be transformed into a stunning visual representation.

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How It Works

Image Prompts:
An image prompt is a text description provided by a user to guide the image generation process. The image prompt, up to 350 characters, can contain details about the theme, setting, color schemes, elements present, or any particular aspect needed in the image. The AI analyses this information to generate a unique and customized image. Careful use and crafting of your image prompt will allow you to generate a high quality image best suited for your needs.

Generation Queue:
When a new image prompt has been submitted the system will schedule the generation process. When a task has started generation the result will become available a few seconds later. In most cases your image will be created right away, otherwise it will be begin in the next few minutes as capacity becomes available. The asticaDesign application will display a list of all pending generations and allow you to cancel any tasks that have not yet been started.

Viewing Results:
You can browse through all generated images and collections of prompts that you have generated. Images generated by asticaDesign will be saved locally to the browser and will be synchronized across your other devices using asticaDesign. The interface provides the ability to export each image individually or as a group (.zip).

Image Generation API

Incorporate asticaDesign image generation capabilities into your application or project with the REST API. Browse plug and play code samples for popular progamming languages or use the javascript SDK.

Generate Images in 1-Line of Javascript:
asticaAPI_start("API KEY HERE");
var img = asticaDesign('photorealistic cyberpunk cat with multi colored neon fur');

//specify negative, and quality, lossless
var img = asticaDesign('dog running in field', 'no blur', 'faster', 0);
API Documentation

View code samples in popular programming languages on the API documentation page.

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