asticaDesign: Image Generation - Javascript Client API

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asticaDescribe - Image Generation API Usage:

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<script src=""></script>
    asticaAPI_start('API KEY HERE'); //run at least once    

    //Example 1  
    asticaDesign_image('realistic neon cyberpunk cat', your_callback); //defaults to "faster" quality
    //Example 2:   
    asticaDesign_image('realistic neon cyberpunk cat', "high", your_callback"); //specify "high" quality
    //Example 4:      
    //advanced with parameters:
        '2.0_full', //modelVersion: 2.0_full
        'realistic neon cyberpunk cat', //Image Prompt
        '', //Optional Negative Image Prompt
        'standard', //generate quality
        '0', //generate lossless
        '1', //moderate
        your_callback, //Your Custom Callback function
    //Set Your Custom Callback Function 
    function your_callback(data) { 
        if(typeof data.error != 'undefined') { 
        } else { 
            var image_url = data.output;
            console.log("image URL:", image_url);